The Beginning

4 Oct

Actuarial exams are famous for, amongst other things, their length. Possibly also difficulty, in some areas a little tedium, but definitely their length.

Having told everyone I’ve ever known that I am attempting actuarial exams, just as soon as I’ve finished studying statistics, I’ve run out of excuses.

For me, the best way to study is to explain what I’m studying to someone else. As I don’t know ayone else who is interested, I’ve decided to set up this blog to find people who are interested.

I mentioned finishing a degree in statistics. To start as near as possible to where I left off, I’m going to start by studying CT6 Statistical Methods. To try to say something different, in the hopes of attracting an audience, I am going to talk about the material through texts outside the Core Reading, and even outside the suggested reading. Of course, I’m a cheap skate, so I’ll be talking about the material in relation to the cheapest sources I can find.

That’s it for now… see you in the soup.


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