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New Blog

10 Jan

I have created a new blog, which will be my focus from now on. It is called ‘Tilting at Data’ (in honour of the Ingenious Knight of La Mancha) and its main focus will be adding data science functionality to Haskell (most likely a quixotic activity, hence reference). I will also try to season the mix with more general musings on data science, and some other data science programming activities in languages like Python (I have a number of texts where useful routines/ functions are presented in R code – I figure it could be a good way to understand these routines and Python better if I translate some of them from R to Python, and someone may occasionally find the result useful. Ideally, I would start with some of the classification diagnostics from this book by Japkowicz and Shah).

Last year, I wrote a couple of general data science pieces on this blog – most likely I will migrate these across to the new blog, after bit of a fitness review.  In any case, check it out here!